Give with Purpose. Give the Gift of Oregon.

Give with Purpose. Give the Gift of Oregon.

This Holiday Season Oregon Makers have everything you need to check everyone off your Holiday shopping list! Shop local and Give with Purpose this Holiday Season.

MA WOVENS - Ritual Rug (Portland Region)


The Ritual Rug is one of the most sustainable Yoga Mats handwoven by master weavers on looms. They're made of Organic Hemp & Non-Toxic TPE Rubber. Hemp is durable, anti-microbial, and considered one of the most sustainable plants on Earth. TPE rubber is non-toxic, natural, and bio-degradable. 
 "We have always been quick to say 'we are NOT a yoga brand.' This is because the intention for the brand from the beginning had been clear, 'we're a handwoven goods company, and our first product happens to be for practicing meditation and yoga.'

 The Ritual Rug $188.00


NORTHWESTSTORE - PNW Collection (Central Oregon)

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, whatever you call it...they have the gear for you!  Hoodies, t-shirts, kids and baby clothing, accessories, and home goods.  Indulge your secret Sasquatch obsession!  The Northwest Store is led by a team of graphic designers based in Bend, Oregon - a gorgeous town smack dab in the middle of Oregon, at the base of the Cascade Mountains.  As natives of the Pacific Northwest, they are proud of their hometown and hope to share some of that with you, whether you are also a native to the PNW or enjoy vacationing here.

 PNW Arrows Sasquatch Infant Bodysuit $22.95


SEELY MINTS - Mint Patties (Oregon Coast)

The Seely Farm is one of only a few mint farms still operating in the US. The Seelys raise and harvest their mint the same way their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did. In the soil, not in a lab beaker. Their mint is grown on their 4th generation mint farm northwest of Portland near the Clatskanie River, which empties into the Columbia River. Seely Farm products are handmade using Real Heirloom Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil. All products are Non GMO Project Verified. Seely Mints make the ideal gifts for any occasion.

 Seely Mint Patties, 12-pack $24.00


FOOD FIELD TRIP - OR Artisan Cheese Collection (Willamette Valley)

Every month a new collection of Oregon Artisan cheeses from across the state are curated by Rob Leon, founder of Food Field Trip. Perfect gift for the holidays and throughout the year. This month's feature is a collection of Oregon creamery artisan cheeses and a package of barrel-aged Oregon honey from The Barreled Bee. The Gift Box includes 1.5 pounds of 3 - 4 selections of hard to find cheeses from throughout the state.

 Oregon Artisan Cheese Collection $55.00


LEEMO DESIGN - Acrylic Oridama Earrings (Central Oregon)

From Bend, Oregon Designer Leela Morimoto, these laser cut earrings will quickly add visual interest to any outfit! Statement earrings are a great way to take a neutral work outfit to another level. These geometric earrings are inspired by a modular origami shape. Modular earrings will always be timeless, so you can wear these for years to come. Origami translated - an original LeeMo design shape inspired by an original folded origami LeeMo shape!

 Laser Cut, Acrylic Oridama Earrings $30.00


THE BITTER HOUSEWIFE - Bitters (Portland Region)

What ever your taste this Holiday Season, they have you covered! The Bitter Housewife inspires people to make their own choices, starting with what they drink. Whether you choose craft cocktails or mocktails drinks shouldn’t be intimidating, but they should taste great. At The Bitter Housewife, they use all real ingredients in everything they make, put flavor first, and embrace being bitterly honest.

 Bitters $16.00


HOT MAMA SALSAS - Hot Sauce Set (Portland Region)

Enjoy a variety of heat and flavors in our hot sauce gift pack. Set includes four sauces; Fermented Fresno Chili, El Tamarindo, Habanero Hot Sauce, La Chava Lavanda Hot Peach Habanero Hot Sauce.

 Hot Mama Salsa Gift Set $35.00


LOOPTWORKS - Weekend Duffel (Portland Region)

Diverting excess kitesurfing sails from the landfills, hit the road with The Weekender on your next excursion. Wherever your adventure takes you, the lightweight nylon interior lining ensures durability and the removable and adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry with comfort. Plus, your belongings will always have a home with the slit pockets and zippered compartments throughout. Designed in collaboration with professional kiteboarder, neighbor, and fellow upcycler, Sensi Graves, the entire collection is crafted to be lightweight and tough as nails so it can endure the most demanding adventures without getting tired. In addition to being your default globetrotting gear, each bag conserves water, diverts waste from landfill, and reduces carbon emissions. So not only do you get an awesome new bag, but you have the story of sustainability that comes along with it.

 Looptworks Weekend Duffel $75.00