Meet Cindi Neiswonger, founder of Inspired Leaf Teas, she sources teas, spices and botanicals from across the globe to create the perfect blend of local teas.

Cindi founded Inspired Leaf Teas out of a lifelong love of all things tea. What makes her line of teas so special is every unique and thoughtful blend has a story of discovery and collaboration behind each one. She has created a line of teas uniquely blended by hand in small batches, focusing on whole leaf blends combined with fresh all-natural ingredients to produce inspiring flavors.

“You might wonder why we are going to the time, and expense, of grinding our own spices, when they are readily available pre-ground. The answer is freshness and flavor.”


 Honeybush Vanilla Chai $12.00

Inspired Leaf Tea uses only freshly ground spices within their teas. Pre-ground spices flavors diminish, and oils evaporate over time. Cindi and her team ground their spices within their Bend facility to ensure the freshest ingredients and essential oils are available for their tea blends. 




Cindi is proud to offer a Certified Elephant Friendly™ Assam Tea in her line and has also become a distributor for Certified Elephant Friendly™ Teas. Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea is sourced from tea plantations that meet high standards for the protection of elephants and their habitat. She is passionate about the positive impact this tea can have on the Asian elephant population.


 Elephant Friendly Assam $12.00

“When I tried the Assam tea that comes from this special farm, the tea tasted as good as the good work that is being done where it's grown.”


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