Meet Genevieve Brazelton co-founder of The Bitter Housewife, she is neither a housewife nor that bitter.

Meet Genevieve Brazelton co-founder of The Bitter Housewife, she is neither a housewife nor that bitter.

The Bitter Housewife has  been making craft cocktail bitters for over six years and prides themselves on their accessible, high-quality bitters. Over the last few years, they've heard more, and more of our customers tell us that they were using our bitters only in soda water. So, in addition to their cocktail bitters, they now make a zero alcohol, zero sugar Bitters & Soda in a can because sometimes you want a drink and sometimes you don't. 

Bitters are traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter so that the result is characterized by a bitter, sour, or bittersweet flavor.

“What makes The Bitter Housewife bitter?”


Everybody asks about the name. Yes, Cofounder Genevieve Brazelton is The Bitter Housewife, but she is neither a housewife nor is she bitter. The name came from a joke. Genevieve and her husband Dan were enjoying Old Fashioneds made with Genevieve's bitters, a project she had done to write about on her blog On Becoming a Housewife. Dan asked a simple question, "Do you think we could make a business out of selling bitters?" Genevieve answered, "I don't know, but we could call it The Bitter Housewife." Who could argue with that?

“To be bitterly honest, drinks shouldn’t have rules.”

Being told an Old Fashioned shouldn’t have a cherry in it. An eye roll because you ask for cheap bourbon and a perfect ice cube. Drinks shouldn’t have rules. They’re here to let you off the hook and encourage you to embrace what you like. Can’t stand the taste of whiskey? There’s no shame in that. Prefer your wine in a juice glass? Us too! You don’t drink alcohol at all? They support that.


Genevieve created The Bitter Housewife for herself and her whiskey-drinking friends. Like many others, they don’t want to be talked down to or told what they like isn’t “correct." They don't believe cocktails should be intimidating or need a whole new vocabulary to talk about them. Rather, they believe in great taste, real ingredients, and fun. Let's be bitterly honest —it's just a drink, after all. 


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