Meet Mike Seely and his family, 4th Generation Mint Farmer and Founders of Seely Mint.

Meet Mike Seely and his family, 4th Generation Mint Farmer and Founders of Seely Mint.

The Seelys raise and harvest their mint the same way their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did. In the soil, not in a lab beaker. Their mint is grown on their 4th generation mint farm northwest of Portland near the Clatskanie River, which empties into the Columbia River. Seely Farm products are handmade using Real Heirloom Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil. All products are Non GMO Project Verified. Seely Mints make the ideal gifts for any and all occasions.

The Seely Farm is one of only a few mint farms still operating in the US.

Seely Mint uses only single-distilled and unblended essential mint oils from sustainably grown mint here in Oregon.

The Seely Mint Patties, when coupled with 70% Fair Trade European dark chocolate, in our opinion, make for the World’s Best Mint Patties ever! The Seely Mint patties are individually wrapped in clear packages so customers can see the handmade quality. Oh, and they’re Non GMO verified as well!

The Seely Spearmint Candy Cane is all natural and hand crafted just like all of their products. They are hand rolled and hand pulled, so you will never be able to find two that are exactly the same! Lighten up your holiday with this perfect stocking stuffer with an interesting twist of real spearmint.

The Seely Mint Bark is a thin layer of bittersweet Belgian chocolate and pure peppermint oil topped with creamy white chocolate and sprinkled with their handmade candy crunch. All of their amazing mint chocolates, peppermint bark included, are hand crafted in small batches using the highest quality GMO-free ingredients. It’s perfect for year round, but an absolute must have for the Holidays!

Seely Family History

The Seely family began raising mint in the early 1940s in Fargher Lake, Washington, north of Battle Ground. LeRoy and Nettie, along with sons Warren and Harley were among the first in Washington State to plant peppermint for the production of essential oil. These early operations were very labor intensive: pitchforks were used to load the cut mint onto trailers for the trip back to the still. The first year they even used a wood-fired boiler!

Seely Farm Today

For four generations, the Seely Family has lived and worked on its mint farm near Clatskanie, Oregon, where they grow peppermint and spearmint for tea leaf and essential oil. As mint farmers they use the same agricultural practices their family has used for generations.

Today, Mike Seely, his wife Candy, and their kids Warren and Caryn operate Seely Family Farm. They grow single-cut, premium-quality heirloom Black Mitcham Peppermint and Native Spearmint. The mint they raise is sustainably harvested and has a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. The way they grow their mint, the region’s climate, the rich soils along the Columbia River and their harvesting methods make their mint extraordinarily smooth and refreshing. The essential mint oils are steam distilled only once to retain the full flavor spectrum and bouquet of real Oregon mint. Seely Mint’s mission is to preserve the unique profile of mint grown in the lower Columbia region by offering high quality mint creations.

You can learn more about Seely Family and their Mint Farm at Seely Mint and follow them @seelymint.