Meet Orquidia Violeta, Textile Artist and Clothing Designer.

Meet Orquidia Violeta, Textile Artist and Clothing Designer.

Orquidia Violeta is a Salvadoran-American textile artist. Growing up in a dirt-floored farmhouse in Central America, she remembers the embroidered pink dress her mother sent her from the US. Orquidia crossed the US border as a six-year-old refugee and went on to earn an Associate of the Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

Exposure to labor exploitation in the garment industry led her to co-found LaborFruit — a prominent artist-cooperative storefront and gallery in Los Angeles specializing in clothing as an art form. Living in Portland, Oregon, Orquidia continues to challenge herself as a textile artist, exploring new methods and mediums, such as machine and hand embroidery, knitting, weaving, appliqué, beadwork, fabric dyeing, soft sculpture, painting, and drawing.

“The entirety of my income is from direct artwork sales at events, markets, galleries, and boutiques here in the Pacific Northwest.”


Veggie-Dress Watermelon $50.00


With most Galleries and Markets closed, Orquidia has focused her efforts these last few months on creating children’s clothing with beautifully detailed elements embroidered on each of the dresses. Every piece of wearable art that can be collected and handed down for generations.


Veggie-Dress Anjou Pear $50.00

Orquidia creates her pieces using fabric donated to her or fabric remnants she finds in local markets. She loves using elements that may have been discarded, turning them into art pieces that enable them to take on a whole new life and meaning. Orquidia Violeta’s has included free shipping into the purchase price. Purchases of these beautifully crafted products help sustain Orquidia and her family throughout these challenging times. 

Veggie-Dress,Corn-Maiz $50.00


Shop Orquidia’s full line of products on the marketplace here. Follow her @orquidia_violeta