Meet ReSISTA Kat, an activist fundraising organization in Portland, OR, creating feminist apparel and political cat gifts. 

Created by an Asian American graphic designer after an inspirational trip to the historic 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C. ReSISTA Kat pays tribute to the loud and proud women who continue to demand racial, gender, and social equity in their communities and around the world. ReSISTA Kat mashes up the Asian lucky cat, Mexican Day of the Dead, and other multicultural motifs to reflect and celebrate our inclusive spirit.

Be united, get involved and find your inner activist! All ReSISTA Kat purchases come with free-shipping with minimum purchase of $20.


Since launch, products have been inspired by movements coalesced around such issues as immigration, climate change, racial equity, Black Lives Matter, gender equality, environmental justice and other social crisis. From a desk in her living room, the artist has created more than 60 designs and products that echo the unwavering demands for change. ReSISTA Kat donates 100% of profits to groups promoting social and racial equity. To date, nearly $40,000 has been raised and donated to 65 organizations (and counting), all from the sale of shirts, stickers, pins, buttons, cards, hats, socks and other small gifts.

ReSISTA Kat products recognize the positive strides our community and movement have achieved and serve as a colorful reminder of the work they remain focused on serving. Display your favorite ReSISTA Kat sticker with pride. Profits from the sale of ReSISTA Kat products donated to organizations committed to racial and social equity. Additionally, they proudly support art and science education, environmental conservation advocacy, and feline welfare projects.

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