Meet Steven Christian, storyteller, creative techy, designer and founder of Iltopia Studios.

Meet Steven Christian, storyteller, creative techy, designer and founder of Iltopia Studios.

Steven Christian is a storyteller, creative techy, designer, and founder of Iltopia Studios. He wrote and developed Eyelnd Feevr, a visual art series that uses comics, animation, and augmented reality to tell a culturally relevant, quirky, adventure story. Eyelnd Feevr follows the lives of three characters: Roscoe, his lifelong crush, Vanessa, and their Cadbeary (an escaped circus bear that protects them.) We find our main character, Roscoe, in a crossroads between what he wants to do and what he must do to survive. At the same time, the gang is looking for ways to avoid getting into trouble with their parents and higher authorities. Will they ever reach their goals, or simply succumb to the pressures that surround them?

Follow Roscoe and his friends, as they journey through life, learning new life lessons every day.


Black Superheroes Matter Artbook is the original illustration series by Steven aimed at redefining popular superheroes through the eyes of black children. It is a prelude to the Eyelnd Feevr Series. The book includes 110 full-color illustrations ranging from anime to Power Rangers. This collection of illustrations is guaranteed to empower and inspire young readers by redefining heroes into their own image as children of color in a real struggle to aspire to be something great. Each book is handmade, numbered, and signed by the artist. It also includes a coloring book and a mini sticker pack.

Purchase the series and download the Eyelnd Feevr app to access everything at your fingertips: digital comics, videos, and much more.


Steven currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Steven grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, earning a football scholarship at the University of Hawaii. During his college career, he injured his hips and had to undergo surgery. It was then that he began to explore art and comics as an avenue of self-expression as well as therapy. He later attended Oregon State University, where he received a Masters of Art and is now applying to Medical School. 


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