Orquidia Violeta


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 Veggie-onesie with a California pepper in the front! It fits a baby 6-12 months. All the fabric is salvage except for the onesie. 

I hand-dye them with onions! The color is dove grey. The process took a long time, but saving the Mother Earth is worth it. I put rubber bands where where you will see white lines as I soaked the white bodysuit into the mixture. 

The California pepper measure 3 1/4 W x 5 L inches. It was fun doing the corn and radish. 

Machine wash and dry in a low cycle. The Doggie is not including:)

*This is a COVID-19 free house, so I will packed with gloves on and mask in order to keep YOU safe. You can leave the Tyvek envelope in your house and a week later open it just to be sure. I hope this helps. If you have any questions I be happy to answer them.

Much Love-Orquidia