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Keeping It Weird

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Keeping It Weird

Poems & Stories of Portland, Oregon

Featuring poems and stories by Matt Amott, Michael Berton, Elijah Cordero, Simon del Valle, Tricia Knoll, M, Carolyn Martin, Shawn Aveningo, Jenean McBrearty, Saron Lask Munson, Denise C. Buschmann, Ci'Monique Green, DE Navarro, Justin W. Price, Ann Privateer, Michael Shay, Brenda Taulbee, Nathan Tompkins, Susan Vespoli, Luke Warm Water, Steve Williams, and John & Mary Massimilla.

We invite you to peruse these pages of poetry and short stories, and discover the unique, quirky, sometimes bizarre and oftentimes wet tales of this town known as Portland, Oregon. Pop open a bottle of micro-brew, join a band, start a compost meet-up group and fall in love with Portland. We sure did!


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ISBN: 978-0-692248-1-6 | 76 pp. | paperback


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