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Magic Shapes

The Beavers Family

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Did you know that cloth books, in addition to being beautiful, support the integral development of the child?

This sensory book is dedicated to the beaver family, especially for children ages 1 to 3. This soft and calm book has tactile and sensory elements. It includes the story of the beaver written by Magic Shapes, where the adult will be able to read to the child helping him to become more interested in reading and learning more words.


This would be a good gift for birthday or baby shower.


The page dimension is  45.72 x 27.94 cm   (18 x 11 inches.)


Choose the book cover color: red, blue, purple.


On the cover you will discover the beaver hidden behind the leaves.


 Within the book will be the family of beavers: dad, mom and baby.


There are other elements such as: window with a card indicating night and day, shelf to place the 4 apples (Velcro), a bed, the tree trunk can be removed and put (Velcro), 3 felt sticks (Velcro).


  I am sure the book will be your child's favorite toy.


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Babies and young children should always be supervised by an adult.