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The debut book for new Oregon indie author, Amanda Mailey. Special author signed copies are offered through the Built Marketplace.

When risking it all, in a quest to find joy in the art of living, comes at just the right time.

In the wake of Trump's presidency, the #metoo movement, emboldened racism, gun violence rising, three layoffs in five years, and the height of commercialism, this successful ad executive has had enough. Spirit dampened, with mostly anger where there once was laughter, she risks it all in search of a more meaningful connection with herself, her family, and the world.

Set in her hometown of the PNW and the unfamiliar lands of Albania, she recounts her personal experience in an honest portrayal of self-discovery reflecting on mainstream American cultural norms and expectations. Knowing nothing about Tirana, Albania when she arrives, her observations of these two societies surface a new awakening. Get lost reading her intimate thoughts as she struggles to heal by hitting the reset button.


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246 pages | ISBN-13 978-1098314941 

What people are saying about this book - Reader Reviews

“This story is a wonderful juxtaposition of two journeys; a physical journey of the Mailey families trip to Albania and the very personal journey of the author, Amanda Mailey. In disruption lies growth, and the Mailey's very much disrupted their American lifestyle.” — Liam Hammer

“This was a great read! I am not that much of a reader given my busy schedule but this was a page-turner. And I will likely read this over and over. The author is so likable, so relatable, so real. I laughed and I cried. For anyone who has traveled to unknown places or lived abroad, this hits home. I am inspired for my next adventure so I can get #sidetracked.” — Erin Tannock

“Sidetracked is a richly told story of genuine, personal journey. On the surface, there's all the poignant sense of newness and exploration you'd expect from a travel-centered narrative. The sights, sounds, tastes, and traditions of Albania are all brought to life in immersive detail. But it's the deeply felt, underlying journey of self-discovery that pushes this book from mere travelogue to something that'll truly stick with you.” — Tian M 

About the Author

Amanda Mailey has worked for some of the largest advertising agencies in the world advising brands like Intel, Adobe, Nike, Microsoft, and Visa. 

Since she was a child, writing, photography, and dance were her centering creative outlets. Writing 'sidetracked' and capturing the companion photo journal was just Amanda being Amanda. What the process revealed was a gift she didn't even expect. 

Amanda received a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon before getting her first consulting job with Intel in Hillsboro, OR. With the release of 'sidetracked,' Amanda now adds book author to her list of accomplishments.

She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, son, daughter, and doggy. She continues to own and run her own strategic consultancy, ALIST, advising start ups, mission driven companies, and womxn-owned businesses. 

To learn more about ALIST, please visit here.