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Wooden Serving Tongs

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The everyday kitchen tools you reach should be better than basic! Toss a vibrant, veggie-filled salad or serve a comforting, steaming bowl of the freshest pasta. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of chopsticks, our BASïT Wooden Serving Tongs feature a sleek, modern design that feels good in your hand and looks beautiful on your dining table. Crafted of solid walnut or maple and secured with a silicone band. Pair with our Marco Wooden Cutting Boards, Polo Wooden Plates and Kuma Wooden Plates.


-Approximately 11"L x 1"W
-100% maple or walnut
-Food safe
-Crafted locally in in Portland, OR with domestic hardwood


-Hand wash with mild dish soap and hot water. Do not soak. Wipe dry
-Wooden utensils may be oiled with food-grade mineral oil as needed