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Who is Built Oregon?
We were founded in 2016, we started with a simple vision —to make Oregon the leader in consumer product innovation and development. Built Oregon is a non-profit collective of volunteer business mentors serving Oregon's Maker culture to create an equitable & sustainable future for all Oregonians.
Built Oregon Headquarters is located: 

1355 NW Everett St #200, Portland OR 97209-2654


Goal of Built Oregon Marketplace?
Aggregating the collective efforts of individuals, communities, and businesses to create a collective hub —the ultimate online shopping destination for both consumers and trade discover Oregon built products made with a commitment to craft and community.


Define Oregon built products?
Products designed and developed by Oregon-based consumer product companies. This includes products that are made 100% in the state and others that may have been designed and engineered within Oregon and built elsewhere. We are working to create criteria that identifies products that were designed, developed and made here within the state. This information is forthcoming.


Seller cost to join the Marketplace?

No Seller membership fees or cost to join the Built Oregon Marketplace. Built Oregon receives 10% commission, inclusive of transaction fees, from items sold through the marketplace. Built Oregon Marketplace does not receive commission on customer paid shipping rates.

Which Sellers can join the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is open to all Oregon-based consumer product companies that make products that align with our product policies. Product Policies can be found here.