Modern Times Sticker Bundle

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Bundle of five vinyl die cut stickers that are so representative of these odd modern times. Each sticker is made of thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Amabie Sticker:
Measures 1.25 x 3" 
Amabie is a supernatural monster or creature from Japanese lore that emerged from the sea to tell prophecies about the upcoming harvests and potential destruction from disease. The creature is a mermaid/merman with long hair, a beak, three legs, and scales. In the story, it says in the event of an epidemic, to draw the Amabie in an effort to stave off the illness.

Creative Ohs Sticker:
Measures 2 x 3"

Dumpster Fire Sticker:
Measures 3 x 3" 

RBG Dissent Collar Sticker:
Measures 1.25 x 3" 

Regretti-Os Sticker:
Measures 2 x 3"