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The Bitter Housewife

Aromatic Bitters & Soda

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*** Due to freezing conditions in various parts of the country Bitters & Soda orders placed after 10 am on Wednesdays may not ship till the following Monday. Once you receive a shipping notification we encourage you to check the delivery date and try to bring your package inside as soon as possible to avoid freezing.

Never heard of bitters and soda? Yes, it’s a thing. A tasty thing that makes for a complex, satisfying drink any time of day. 

Familiar with bitters and soda, but only from a bar when you’re choosing not to drink? We made ours a bit different. Crafted with the same integrity as our bitters, meaning all whole ingredients, but without any trace of alcohol or sugar. 

Seriously, absolutely none, not even trace amounts. 

What do you do with it? We get that question a lot. The short answer is, drink it cold, straight from the can. It makes for a great afternoon refresher that will help quell sugar cravings, that cookie you can’t stop thinking about around 3 pm, and no caffeine to make you jittery or keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. 

Aromatic is based on Old Fashioned Aromatic bitters and has flavors of dried cherries, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice. 

A bitterly honest beverage. Free of caffeine, sugar, and sh*t you don’t need.