Bonny Wagoner - Artist/Illustrator

The Pinecone

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I was out for walk when I spied this pinecone on the side of the road and picked it up.  Looking at it closer I was intrigued by the detail on each of the scales (that's what they all the individual pieces of the pinecone). This is my pen and ink drawing of the pinecone printed on smooth, sturdy cardstock. 


This card measures 5" x 7", blank on the inside so it's perfect for any occasion. The tactile effect from the letterpress print process is simply luxurious on heavy textured cardstock. This card is printed in elegant copper ink. The finish of the paper is perfect for writing short or long notes using a ball point, marker or traditional ink pen. The card comes with an elegant neutral green envelope - perfect for mailing. 

Perfect for everyday use as well as holiday greetings.