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Sophia Kinhnarath

Beard and face oil

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Made with the finest ingredients just for you or your loved ones. This beard and face oil is perfect for someone who loves a woody scent, needs help getting rid of dry dull skin. Use as a moisturizer replacement. This oil has a cedarwood scent with a touch of lavender. Tea-tree is used as an anti-bacterial agent. 

How to use:

Use daily. Use about 5-6 drops (depending on your beard size) start with rubbing it in your beard then work towards your face. Make sure you have a clean face before applying as the oil will seep into your skin and pores.  Used as a moisturizer. Allow the oil to seep into your skin. Does not grow hair. If you would like one for hair growth. Purchase specialty products. 


Black seed oil. Cedarwood essential oil. Lavender essential oil. Tea tree essential oil. Castor oil. Olive oil. 


2 oz Glass Dropper. Packaged in biodegradable peanut packaging with box or envelope package. 

12 months of shelf life. Store in dark space.