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Black Tea Bundle of 3

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Nothing delivers quite like a good strong cup of black tea! After all, it’s the world’s most popular style of tea. The secrets behind how black tea is made are closely guarded by tea makers, although the key step with most blacks is to fully oxidize the leaf during processing. In this bundle of three loose leaf black teas, our goal was to provide a good introduction to the evolving world of black teas from South Asia.

We start with our most popular black tea, the Nepali Golden Black. This exceptionally well-rounded black is made by Nepal’s first tea cooperative, Tinjure. Their farmers meticulously harvest the terminal bud and first two leaves of the tea plant to make this tea. The high bud count in the finished tea adds mouthfeel and sweetness to the familiar strength and boldness we expect from a good black.

Then, we head to southern India. Deep in the tropical Nilgiri mountains, the all-women team at the Tea Studio are reinventing tradition with their Nilgiri Black Pearl, a well-shaped black that carries tangy notes of fresh cranberries.

Finally, our Kumaon Black comes from our partners in Kumaon’s Champawat Village, who harvest top-quality clonal bushes in the early summer to make this light, aromatic black.

If you’d like to travel further into the world of black teas, check out our Black Tea Bundle of Five. Or grab this bundle today, turn on the kettle and get ready for a dive!

The Small Black Tea Bundle of 3 comes with a total of 4 oz of loose leaf black tea including:

The Medium Black Tea Bundle of 3 comes with a total of 13.5 oz of loose leaf black tea including: