Crescent Moon Earrings

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Blessing: "Be open to change. Allow it to become natural”

These matte finished crescent moon earrings are made with the intention to connect the wearer to its innate ability to adapt to change. Although sometimes hard, changes are part of the process and we can learn to make it natural.  The crescent and waning moon are ways the Universe found to smile at us. This is a reminder of the complicit nature with the universe, it always has our best interest at heart.

This earrings are made out of sterling silver, the metal of the moon, through which we get inspired, blessed, healed, loved, guided and motivated.

Made in Portland, OR with Sterling silver recycled and processed in the USA.

Length:1 1/2”     Width:5/8” Weight: 0.0675 oz. ea. (1.9 gr. ea.)