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Magic Shapes

The Monster of Emotions

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I present to you my little monsters of emotions, very useful and didactic to use at home, for the teacher or therapist.


  This group of toys made of colored felt is a good gift for children and adults, it invites you to play with your little one from 8 months to 5 years old, helping them to recognize and identify their emotions according to color. You will see how it takes you in a perfect way to do activities and talk with your child about how emotions manifest in our body and see what causes sadness, joy, fear, anger, calm and love. This helps you work on your emotional side and increase your vocabulary.

 When you buy the set of emotions monsters, you will receive a handmade dice or cube to carry out recreational activities with your family or at school.

The monster of emotions measures 9 "height and 5" width, it is filled with Fiberfill polyester



Meaning of each color of emotion:


Yellow €“  Joy, happy           


 Black - Scared


 Red- Angry       


Blue - Sadness


Pink- Love (kindness, trust, affinity)


Green - Calm (peace, hope, tranquility




Babies and toddlers should always be supervised by an adult when playing.



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