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Magic Shapes


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This is Curly! It is a sensory and educational toy for babies from 3 to 9 months. Since at this age, babies move their head more in the direction of sound and are already capable of grasping objects.
Curly, plays an important role in stimulating the baby's senses. Since the little one is an innate curious person, they will be exploring and investigating all the elements that Curly has.
Involving the baby with this type of toy will learn to develop their sensory skills, memory, and attention to the maximum. They will learn to distinguish shapes, colors, textures and other sensations.
Sensory toy description:

€¢ Curly's body is rectangular and it has amazing curly hair on its head; you will find that its eyes and nose are buttons, its mouth is the shape of a heart made of felt cloth.

€¢ Its arms are rectangular in each of them there is a satin ribbon where you will discover different textures; its hands are round and each one is different, one contains crunchy sound and the other has a pom pom to pass from side to side.

€¢ Its legs are also rectangular; each foot is different: one contains rice and the other has beads. You will find on the feet a burlap ribbon and a colored ribbon.

€¢ When the baby grabs Curly and turns it over, the baby will discover that they can rest their head on the soft knitted fabric and use it as a pillow.

Toy measurements:

Curly, stands 18 inches tall
11 x 9-inch body
2 x 5-inch arms
3 x 7-inch legs

Babies and young children should always be supervised by an adult when playing.