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Exilior Coffee

Exilior Gift Box

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Give a Gift that Gives this holiday season and support the education of bright and deserving students. Limited availability gift with a worthy Cause. Only 18 gift boxes available.

This one of a kind coffee gift box supports education of bright and deserving students and it would surprise even the most enthusiastic coffee lovers. First things first - What's in the box?

Exilior Coffee delicious and iconic small batch roasted Kenyan coffee.
  • Savannah light - medium roast coffee with fruity notes of Apricot, Blackberry and Cherry.
  • Champion medium - dark roast coffee with fruity and spicy notes of Blackberry, Cherry and Cinnamon.
Exilior Kitchen/Tea towel printed and designed by our friend Alshiref Design
  • The towel is made from 100% organic cotton. The Exilior logo is printed with a water-based, eco-friendly ink specific for the fabric and then it is press-heated to cure the logo onto the fabric making it safe to wash and dry.
Exilior Coffee Mug designed and handmade by our friend Benjamin Cahoon.
  • We only produced 20 mugs and all of them are include with the gift box. This is a one of kind mug is thoughtfully hand crafted. The Exilior logo is drawn by hand and the mug is signed on the bottom by Benjamin. The grasp on the handle feels right and every mug has a unique character and identify. Because they are not industrial produced, none of the mugs are the same. 

To top it 10% of your purchase is going to directly support KICE Foundation endowment fund.
  • KICE Foundation is a non-profit organization in Kenya that supports bright and deserving student from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue secondary education. Currently the organization is supporting the education of 105 students through its endowment fund. Unfortunately, the endowment fund is getting depleted due the negative impact of COVID-19. Your purchase truly matters by directly supporting these students.