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Hannah Jennings

FINE GRIND White Coffee 1 lb

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This white coffee is 100% gourmet Arabica and certified organic and Fair Trade. It resembles saw dust. Only purchase this coffee if you know what it is. NO REFUNDS on White Coffee!

What is White Coffee?

White Coffee is a special light roast of coffee that preserves ALL the caffeine and antioxidants. White Coffee beans are very dense and appear pale yellow. White Coffee beans are too dense to be ground with home coffee grinders. That is why we sell ours pre-ground. White Coffee beans are ground using special grinders resulting in a fine yellow powder that resembles saw dust. Ground White Coffee tends to smell like peanuts or peanut butter. It is usually brewed as espresso, but can be prepared as drip coffee or French Press. The resulting brew is green and has a nutty flavor that in no way tastes like regular coffee. Most people mix it with flavorings to make hot or iced coffee drinks.

What is the Difference Between White Coffee and Regular Coffee?

Please don't confuse American White Coffee with other white coffee drinks from other countries. In Europe the term white coffee is sometimes used to refer to black coffee with a bunch of cream or milk added. There is also a Malaysian white coffee that has butter and sweetened condensed milk. That is VERY different than what we're talking about here. American white coffee is specially roasted green coffee beans of the Robusta or Arabica species. Arabica is the species of coffee that we refer to as "gourmet" coffee, although not all Arabica coffees are created equal. Just know that the finest coffees in the world are Arabica and not Robusta. Robusta coffees grow at lower altitudes and taste bitter. White coffee is roasted to a much lower temperature than regular coffee. This results in a very dense bean that has none of the familiar roasted flavors from regular coffee.

Does White Coffee Have A Lot of Caffeine?

You might be wondering why on earth would anyone want to drink under roasted coffee? There are many benefits of White Coffee. If you like caffeine then you'll love White Coffee. Caffeine sublimates (converts from a solid to a gas) at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit and melts at just under 460 degrees Fahrenheit. You may be asking how something that turns into a gas at a lower temperature can melt. The reason is the sublimation process doesn't happen instantaneously, so some of the caffeine will turn to gas and some will melt. With that said, just know that a really dark roasted coffee, such as French Roast can be roasted to OVER 460 degrees. Many people think of dark roasts being "strong" and having more caffeine. That is not the case. In general the darker the coffee roast the more caffeine loss. White Coffee is roasted to well under 350 degrees, so ALL of the caffeine is preserved.

How Much Stronger is White Coffee Than Regular Coffee?

As we mentioned previously ALL of the caffeine is retained in White Coffee. White Coffee is also VERY dense. Most people measure coffee with a scoop. A scoop of White Coffee will weigh TWICE as much as a scoop of French Roast coffee. So, not only do you have all the caffeine preserved due to the light roast, but you also have twice the density. You can be sure that by volume white coffee has over 2 times as much caffeine as a very dark roasted coffee. Not only does it have A LOT of caffeine, it also retains other phenolics that have a stimulating effect.

What are the Benefits of White Coffee?

Most people drink White Coffee for the high caffeine content, but there are other benefits as well. White Coffee retains all the chlorogenic acids due to the low roasting temperature. Chlorogenic acids have been found to have antioxidant effects and may be beneficial for health. We suggest you research the health benefits of chlorogenic acids and other coffee antioxidants. A HUGE benefit of White Coffee is it tastes nothing like regular coffee. There are many people that don't like the taste of regular coffee, but would really like the stimulation from the caffeine. White Coffee makes excellent drinks that don't taste like regular coffee. Due to it's nutty flavor it mixes well with chocolate and vanilla.

How to Prepare White Coffee?

Below we have outlined how to prepare White Coffee as espresso and drip coffee. You can be creative and try your own methods. One thing to consider is this dense coffee absorbs a lot of water and swells significantly. Make sure you have plenty of room for the coffee to swell!