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Extra-Large Dog Toy: Snuffle Ball for canine enrichment can also function as a slow feeder or treat puzzle/dispenser toy.

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This giant snuffleball is in a super fun beachball design. It is made of fleece on a non-toxic, hollow and flexible rubber sphere frame, which allows you to place food or treats in through the holes of the rubber ball and/or just in between the fleece parts (for beginners). When the dog pushes, rolls, picks up, or shakes the ball, or when you toss it, the food rattles around and eventually falls out, giving the dog a fun way to both eat and play at the same time.  Many animal behaviorists believe that this practice of making efforts for food (called Contrafreeloading) is something most animals prefer.  With a snuffleball your dog gets to practice natural behaviors like seeking/hunting, digging, chewing, etc.  The ability to be able to practice natural behaviors for an animal is one of the crucial Five Freedoms of animal welfare. Even if it weren't, though, your dog will appreciate having some extra entertainment while you work!  This hand-created toy measures about 35" around when fluffed (including the fleece, in other words). It is machine washable (gentle/cool), and built on a made-to-last base. Even if your dog someday shreds the fleece, you will still have the sphere underneath, which is a high quality, resilient, brand-name ball toy for your dog. 

Note: If your dog is one who likes to dissect and/or consume toys, then of course how long it lasts will vary.  Please always supervise all pets with all non-food items!