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Good Medicine Tea

Ginger Love

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A spicy, golden, warming elixir! Ginger root and Turmeric have been a dynamic duo in herbal healing traditions for thousands of years. The synergistic effect of these two powerhouse herbs helps promote circulation and reduce inflammation throughout the body. An excellent choice for supporting joint health and longevity, as well as nourishing the digestive system. Your body will love Ginger Love!! Use our Ginger Love tea for your own rendition of the famous Golden Milk: simply steep Ginger Love in your favorite steamed milk beverage (we suggest coconut milk) with a little clarified butter and raw honey.  



Ginger root*, Fennel*, Licorice root*, Turmeric*, Lemongrass*, Lemon balm*, Lemon verbena* 

*Organic. Caffeine free



1 tsp: 1 cup boiling water; 5-7 minute steep time