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Young Mountain Tea

Green Tea Bundle

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Pioneered by ancient Buddhist monks and celebrated by modern health buffs, green tea is a timeless classic in the tea world. In this bundle of three loose leaf green teas, we sought to highlight the diversity that green tea has to offer.

Green teas are commonly differentiated by the type of heat used in processing. The Japanese favor a wet heat, typically steam, that fires up a vegetal, oceanic flavor. In a nod to this tradition, we’ve included the gorgeously shaped Nepali Green Pearl from Nepal’s first tea cooperative, Tinjure. The Chinese prefer to make green tea using a dry heat, typically a roasting wok, which releases sweet, floral notes. This is represented in the Darjeeling Green, an approachable and easy-to-steep green made by the legendary Makaibari Estate in the towering Himalayas.

That’s just the beginning, though. The all-women team at the Tea Studio use a host of other techniques to bring out flavors in their green teas. In this bundle, we’ve included one just - the Nilgiri Forest - which is inspired by the Japanese classic green tea named Kukicha. The women at the Tea Studio use only the stems of the leaf to bring out the toasted barley notes and sugar cane. To explore even more green teas, check out our Bundle of Five Green Teas. Or start here to get a sense of what green tea is all about!

And with all green teas, be sure to resteep the same leaves at least twice to get the most out of your experience; often, the best flavors only reveal themselves in the second infusion.

The Small Green Tea Bundle of Three comes with a total of 3.9 oz of loose leaf green tea including:

The Medium Green Tea Bundle of Three comes with a total of 12.5 oz of loose leaf green tea including: