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Lovely Coils

Moisturizing Hair Butter

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Moisturizing Hair Butter can be used as a multipurpose butter. This product is handcrafted with emollient rich oils, shea butter, and essential oils to lavish your coils. This handcrafted butter is made with love, and whole ingredients to nurture your hair. It softens, making hair more manageable.



For styling and daily leave-in conditioning, 

As a heat protectant before a blow drying 

For styling afro textured hair mist with distilled water, and add the desired amount to your hair, styling as usual.

For non-Afro textured hair usage:

Use it as a treatment before washing your hair. 

Apply to tangled or matted hair to help detangle with ease. 

Styling finisher, pomade, razor burn

Daily treatment for ends of the hair

*usage may vary* Clients include various ethnicities