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Happy Mountain Kombucha

Happy Mountain Kombucha Homebrew Kit

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Introducing the Happy Mountain Kombucha Homebrew Kit!

Ever wonder how your favorite beverage is made? Looking for another DIY project to do while stuck inside this winter? Bring the adventure of brewing kombucha to your home! We have spent the last few months assembling everything you need get started on your kombucha brewing journey. Each kit includes enough supplies to brew 5 gallons of kombucha! Keep the adventure going with additional tea packs (sold separately) after you finish your first 5 gallons of kombucha.

Included in the kit:

  • 1 x gallon jar + lid

  • 5 x HMK organic tea blends

    • 1 x Dragon Fruit

    • 1 x Peach Blossom

    • 1 x Ginger Root

    • 1 x Lavender White

    • 1 x Honeydew Melon

  • 5 x organic sugar packets

  • 1 x SCOBY + 16 oz starter

  • 1 x extra large reusable tea bag

  • 1 x collapsable funnel

  • 1 x thermometer sticker

  • 1 x cotton cloth cover

  • 1 x large rubber band

  • 1 x reusable metal straw

  • 2 x HMK stickers

  • 1 x step-by-step instructions

*Although you will have everything you need to make super tasty kombucha, we feel it necessary to make it clear that we go to incredible lengths to make our commercial kombucha taste the way we do. We have big equipment, temperature controls, we force carbonate using CO2, and we are meticulous when it come to timing. This will be your adventure and each adventure will taste a little different. Enjoy!