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Impala Casino Clay Poker Chip Set

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Impala Casino authentic clay poker chips have the sight, sound, and feel of traditional Las Vegas casino poker chips. Differing from many so called “real clay” poker chips, these amazing chips are forged from Crow’s Head’s exclusive mold, and are made with Gambler’s™ clay, the highest quality clay available.

Impala Casino poker chips will season over time from the oils in your hands, and bring to life that authentic clay sound, clay feel, and classic looks Las Vegas. Impala Casino chips use Clearview™ colors for better chip identification, as well as UV protection for durability. Built on Crow's Head exclusive mold for amazing chip face topography, plus consistent flatness for tall stable stacks, and a precise roundness of the chip's shoulder for better chip shuffling, make the Impala Casino poker chips like no other. These chips are built to a completely different standard, and will change how you experience the game. 

This Impala Casino poker chip set is specifically for Tournaments (not cash games).

Also available in Cash Game configurations.

Acrylic chip case included.