Bee Local Honey Jar

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Bee Local began as a mission to maintain the art and science of beekeeping within local communities. Every variety of Jacobsen Co. honey featuring the Bee Local seal assures that it is single-origin, sustainably harvested and never heated, treated, blended or ultra-filtered.

8.6oz jar


Raw Alfalfa - Walla Walla, Washington
Light and fruity, with notes of apricot, fig and straw.

Raw Blackberry - Willamette Valley, Oregon
Light and versatile with floral notes. Pollen rich.

Raw Buckwheat - Umatilla, Oregon
Dark and earthy, with deep molasses overtones.

Raw Carrot Flower - Portland Farmland, Oregon
Medium-dark and earthy, with notes of pumpkin and blackberry.

Raw Wildflower - West Coast High Desert
Medium-dark and versatile, with notes of sage, wildflower and mint.

Raw Smoked Wildflower - West Coast High Desert
Medium-dark, with earthy notes of leather, tobacco and smoke. Cold smoked in Portland, Oregon.