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Marionberry and Rose Cordial

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This two-pack collection features our Marionberry syrup and our Rose Cordial syrup.  Both are fantastic Pacific Northwest flavors and huge hits when added to sparkling water, tea, or splashed into your favorite clear liquor cocktail.

The Marionberry is a true taste of the Pacific Northwest! For this syrup, we paired sweet marionberry with tart and punchy blackberry creating a dynamic, fruity flavor. Water infused with basil and lemongrass lends an herbaceous quality to this syrup, rounding it out to be the bright and bold flavor that completes a vodka, rum or bourbon cocktail.

Marionberry pairs great with vodka, rum or bourbon.

The Rose Cordial is made of Fragrant, whole dried rose blossoms and petals which are slow-brewed in stages with dried rose hips, to capture the flower’s essence at several stages of its expression. Wonderfully refreshing on its own, or add clear liquors for an especially delightful cocktail.