Breakfast Cure

Masala Chai Spice Congee

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This comforting yet bold Chai-spiced creamy coconut congee will soothe your soul. Made with organic white rice and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. Top with Chai Patti Assam tea in the morning for a traditional pick-me-up.

Masala Chai Spice Breakfast Cure® congee is a delicious breakfast created to build energy, soothe and regulate digestion, and give your whole system a break with the most gentle, hydrating cleanse. White rice breaks down completely when cooked for a long time and is able to absorb five times the volume of water!

This is the quintessential modern congee. It’s extremely easy to digest and filled with culinary spices from the Chinese medicine cabinet. Feel how warm and comforting this one is in your stomach? Congee is used traditionally and medicinally because it unlocks the healing qualities inside food and herbs allowing people with weak digestion to heal.

Over the course of a few meals, the soothing relief of this ancient remedy can be experienced. The true test is how it feels in your stomach after you eat it, and how you feel moving into your day.

Keep reading to learn more about how to boost metabolism with five simple steps.

Includes organic Chai Patti Assam tea for optional topping, packaged separately. Brew and top as desired.