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Hanuk Design

Cotton face mask with filter pocket & nose wire option

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$13.95 USD
Nosewire option

These 100% cotton masks are made in Portland. Thank you for supporting our handmade products. Please follow our journey on Instagram @HanukDesign




-2 layers of tight woven 100% cotton

-Optional nose wire pocket (means you can replace a nose wire!) If nose wire option is chosen, two nose wires come with a mask. 

-Handmade in the US

-Wide filter insert pocket (Please note filters are not included.)

-Roomy and breathable

-Nice, strong finish

-Reusable and washable

-Adjusters for elastic ear loops (easily controlled to make it fit to your face)





Original size (fits most adults): 6"H x 7.75"W

Small (for adults with small faces): 5.75" x 7.5"W





Machine wash cold with gentle cycle. Hang dry is best but you can also tumble dry low in the dryer. 

Masks/ nose wire: please remove nose wire before washing.


*Masks are made out of 100% cotton and may shrink over time. 

*The filter opening is toward the bottom of the inside of the mask.






Please be advised that this is not a medical-grade product and we cannot make any claims about its effectiveness, as it has not undergone clinical testing.