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Portland Soda Works

Mojito / Citrus two-pack

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This two-pack collection features our tangiest citrusy flavors in the Mojito and Citrus-Passion syrups.  

The Citrus-Passion is a citrus-forward syrup has been highly requested so we decided to create one but with a tropical twist. This syrup has a delicate blend of passionfruit, key lime, and blood orange making it the perfect refreshing syrup to add to your favorite soda water and liquors alike. 

Mixes well with Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Bourbon.

And the Mojito is a take on the classically minty lime refresher and is a perfect way to cool off on a warm day. Make your favorite go-to Mojito or get creative and try something new like adding it to your warm tea.

Pairs with vodka and rum.

Each 12oz bottle makes 12 full sodas or up to 24 cocktails. Add some to your next favorite drink and remember, "Just a splash will do!"