Young Mountain Tea

New Origins Tea Bundle of 3

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South Asia is experiencing a tea renaissance, with new tea makers redefining old regions and first-time tea makers in emerging regions, free from the shackles of expectations, pushing in new directions. Our goal with this bundle was to draw focus to the ways three tea makers are upending centuries of tradition with teas that break the mold.

We start in the Nilgiris of southern India, where the all-woman team at the Tea Studio are shattering expectations and gender norms with a range of whole leaf teas, including Nilgiri Gold, a bright black with notes of fresh apricot. Then we journey to the Tinjure Co-operative in eastern Nepal, the first community-owned factory in the mountain nation where their well shaped Nepali Green Pearl tea is quickly becoming our most popular green. Finally, we conclude in the Kumaon region that sits at the heart of our work to empower rural communities through tea. Their Kumoan White, a bright clean floral Spring white from tea bushes more than 150 years old, was sparked by a sample of bai mudan (white peony) tea we brought to them; the tea maker took the tea, crushed it in hand, and ran with the inspiration of the aroma.

We hope you enjoy this collection of tea that represent the vanguard of tea, community, and change.

Small New Tea Origins Bundle Includes (4 oz):

Medium New Tea Origins Bundle Includes (11.5 oz):