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Risk Free

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In Risk Free, Roscoe and his too-smart-for-his-own-good-homie TJ present for their class project on the “Risk of Existing in a Free World.” The project explores how consciousness affect the way we live, and how actions have consequences that shape our lives. What TJ presents makes his classmates question whether the risk of existing is worth the reward of living. Unfortunately, some details were withheld from Roscoe. This makes Roscoe wonder why he agreed to participate in the first place.

This is a book with poems and quirky pictures to ease your soul. It also serves as a resource that can be used to have hard conversations about social injustice, personal responsibility, and consequences of actions told through a culturally responsible lens. This makes the hard discussions about the issues easier to have as you follow the events that Roscoe and his friends experiences on the page.