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Root Beer and Vanilla Rooibos Syrup

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This duo of creamy, vanilla flavors is ideal for the home soda enthusiast or the fan of bourbon and rum cocktails.  Both have notes of honey, brown sugar and vanilla and work just as well in a neat cocktail as they do on pancakes.

Our all-natural root beer syrup is brewed with genuine sarsaparilla root and hand-crushed and toasted spices such as Start Anise and Clove and sweetened with cane sugar, brown sugar and molasses.

The warming spices match beautifully with bourbons and rums, and the star anise works well with absinthe.

Rooibos tea, vanilla, and cinnamon are one of the world’s great flavor trinities. Our Vanilla Rooibos is a rich, fragrant syrup; each flavor comes through clearly, easily adding layers of depth to your drink. The rooibos' base notes of honey and soft peach make a perfect cream soda and mix well with Brandy, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila.