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SAMPLE Caramel Sauces Box (3x2.5oz)

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$15.00 USD

This box is the best way to discover all our different caramels, and it also makes a nice gift.

You will enjoy our delicate Caramel (original), our strong deliciously chocolate Chocamel and our coffee lovers Caramoka.

If this is your first experience with our different caramel toppings, we encourage you to begin with the caramel, then try the chocolate (chocamel), and finish with the coffee (caramoka).

Our caramels are lovingly made with sugar, water, heavy cream, dark chocolate (for Chocamel), instant decaf (for Caramoka), salted butter and lemon.

We only use organic products with no preservatives or additives.

You can enjoy these delicate products with ice cream, crepes, pancakes or buns, yogurt, fruits (Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, Pears) or in your milk or coffee drinks !