Spicy Jelly

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Kelly's premium, small batch pepper jelly ingredients are sourced from the only best local producers. Sweet, with the right amount of heat, these pepper jellies add an element of surprise to your cheese plate, your main dish, or, even, your cocktails.

All of Kelly's preserves and jellies are gluten-free and Non-GMO Verified.

12oz jar


Habanero Pepper
Made with a blend of fresh Habanero and Bell Peppers, this signature jelly has the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

Strawberry Habanero Pepper
Winner of the 2014 Good Foods Award, Kelly's Strawbanero Jelly is a combination of Oregon Strawberries and Fresh Habaneros.

Marionberry Habanero
Oregon's very own Marionberry (an indigenous blackberry) combined with the warm heat of the habanero.

Pineapple Jalapeno Pepper
A combination of fresh juicy pineapple and medium heat jalapenos.