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The Poetry Box®

The Poeming Pigeon Literary Journals

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The Poeming Pigeon is an international journal of poetry and prose, with a sizable portion of contributors hailing from Oregon & the Pacific Northwest. The journal is published by The Poetry Box® in Portland, Oregon and edited by Shawn Aveningo Sanders with cover illustrations by Robert R. Sanders. Since 2015, there have been 10 uniquely themed issues covering a variety of topics including Birds, Gardening, Music, Current Events, Love Poems, The Cosmos, Sports, Cannabis, Food, and Pop Culture. Each issue contains 120 plus pages of poetry from award-winning poets from across the globe. (See below for more details about each unique issue.)



The perfect gift for the birdwatching enthusiast or nature lover.

Poeming Pigeons: Poems about Birds is the first in the journal series and contains over 100 poems expressing our fascination, fear, frustration and undeniable connection to our fine, feathered friends. Between the pages of this anthology, you will discover stories that make you wonder, cry, laugh, cringe and inspire — all through poems about birds.


ISBN: 978-0-9863304-2-1

Pages: 186



The perfect gift for your favorite foodie.

The Poeming Pigeon: Poems about Food: Homer, our Poeming Pigeon mascot, has been hunting and pecking to gather the most delicious poetry for a new collection of poems from around the globe – all about food. Allow us to whet your appetite with an opening poem by Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita, Paulann Petersen, followed by a feast of verse that may not only make your mouth water, but your eyes well-up too. Food not only nourishes our body, it can feed our soul. What’s your favorite food? You just might find a poem about it inside this journal of poetry.


ISBN: 978-0-9863304-7-8

Pages: 142



The perfect gift for the cannabis connoisseur.

The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie? The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana (cannabis) is a hot topic facing America and other countries across the globe. Homer examines this controversial issue through an international curated collection of poems and flash fiction stories. You’ll enjoy tales of hilarious first encounters with the herb, gratitude for the escape from physical pain, fellowship in passing the spliff and learn why some prefer not to partake in the “madness.â€