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Oomph Cooking Blends

The Tasty 8 with FREE SHIPPING

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Oomph. Where Seasonings Meet Superfoods.™
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Big Tasty 8 Description

Our Tasty 8 includes all of our blends in their 14 serving sizes, that is 112 servings of Oomph!  Having all of our blends on you counter is so fun and delicious! We know you will be scooping Oomph into this and shaking it into that.  When you have all eight blends you can mix and match flavor profiles and there are about 42,000 combinations you can create! 

This is our most popular gift purchase.
When you buy The Tasty 8 for someone you are giving the gift of healthy deliciousness.  

Includes all eight blends

Oomph blends are FREE FROM: Salt, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Additives, GMO

Directions: Add 1+ tsp. to whatever you are cooking, as you cook or bloom Oomph and use as a spread.  How do I bloom Oomph?

Happy Cooking!