Queen of Hearts Superfoods

The Ultimate Oregon Hemp Milk Kit

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Hemp Milk is the healthiest, most well-balanced plant-based milk on the planet. How is that, you ask? The hemp seed is packed with anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting fatty acids, all 21 amino acids, vitamins and minerals that everyone needs more of in their diet.
We made the perfect gift kit to make it easy for you to make it home. So easy, you will make this creamy, nutty beverage a few times a week for your oatmeal, smoothies, lattes, and just to drink as a quick meal in a bottle. Because it's all that. 
This anytime healthy gift set includes supplies and ingredients to make two 16 oz batches of hemp milk. The best part? All ingredients are from Oregon producers:
  • Queen of Hearts Superfoods
  • Jacobsen Sea Salt
  • GloryBee Honey
It comes complete with a glass milk bottle, nut milk bag, 3 oz of Queen of Hearts hemp hearts, four HoneyStix from GloryBee Honey (Oregon), .5 oz of Oregon-harvested sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. (Oregon), and a recipe and idea card all wrapped up in a neat gift box with a bow. Ready to ship!