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Queen of Hearts Superfoods

The Ultimate PNW Hemp Nutrition Kit

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This gift set of hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, and nutritional hemp seed oil is the perfect gift for the hemp curious, hemp aware, or someone who needs more immune-boosting foods in their diet, which is ALL OF US. 

This gift set includes a bag of our 12 oz hemp hearts, a 10 oz bag of our 50% hemp protein, and a 250ml glass bottle of our cold-pressed hemp seed oil, a info and hemp milk recipe card and a gift card. 

Produced in The Dalles, Oregon, we work closely with farmers to grow the best variety of hemp grain for our products. We produce fresh and flavorful. Don't get fooled at costco or other stores by "cheap" hemp foods that come out of China or Canada. Typically these are dated, and sometimes even rancid by the time they get to the states. 

This gift set and its contents are: