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The Versatility Trio :: No.2 Battuto, No.4 Refogado, No.8 Mirepoix with FREE SHIPPING

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Versatility Trio Description

When someone asks which blends to start with for versatility we guide them to these three blends.  The Italian No.2 Battuto blend while similar to No.8 Mirepoix (the classic French profile) is different in its complexity with the addition of the bright and flavorful parsley.  They are both incredible for all the basic soups, stews, sauces, and gravies they are fantastic in anything you need to amplify in flavor or nutrition. 

Our No.4 Refogado blend is SO savory but also very easy to add to anything and who doesn't love onions, tomatoes, and garlic together?!  This blend is stellar in sauces, soups, eggs, salsas, soft cheese, or any Italian dish. 


Trio Includes

Servings: 14 - 1 tsp. servings per bag

Oomph blends are FREE FROM: Salt, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Additives, GMO

Directions: Add 1+ tsp. to whatever you are cooking, as you cook or bloom Oomph and use as a spread.  How do I bloom Oomph?