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Orquidia Violeta

Veggie-Bib Strawberry "SOLD"

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$12.00 USD

Veggie-Bib with a strawberry in the front of it. It is made with 100% salvaged cotton.. It€™s reversible, so if the side with the strawberry gets dirty you can switch to the other side. It has a one inch Velcro as a closure. Did I say it is reversible:)

 The bib measures 9 ½ Width  X 12 Length  inches. The veggie-bib is 100% salvaged cotton. The strawberry is 3 1/2 Width x 4 1/2 Length inches. 

 Machine washes in hot water and  gently cycles to the machine dry.


*This is a COVID-19 free house, so I will pack it with gloves on and mask in order to keep YOU safe. You can leave the Tyvek envelope in your house and a week later open it just to be sure. I hope this helps. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

 I hope you enjoy the bib as much as I had fun sewing.