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Veggie-Dress Corn

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Veggie- Dress with a Corn/Maiz pocket in the front. I had the privilege to photograph this little girl that lives in my apartment complex. I had her come over into my ´sanctuary garden´ and that where the magic begins. She just turned 6 years old. I had her put on (with her mother's help) dresses 4-6 years old. She can wear it as a top too once she gets bigger! You can adjust the straps to make them more comfortable and size the way you wanted. They ALL fit her, some are above the knee and others below the knee.

While I was doing this little corn it brought back memories. When I was 5 years old I grew up on a farm in San Miguel, El Salvador. The side of the house used to be a cotton field, the back of the house used to have acres of CORN. That's where my sister and brother would play hide-and-seek. Who knew I would be 'sewing' corn for a living, and the funny thing is I LOVE it. Hopefully you will love it too.

The dress is done with salvage 100% cotton fabric. I hand-dye the color, leaf green. It fits 6 years old to 10 years old! She could wear as a top!

Fabric was given to me last year. I was selling my veggie-dresses at the farmers market  and a kind woman brought me a bin full of fabric! I was in awe! The trim at the bottom used to be a table top! I find most of my fabrics in a store that recycles and sells fabric by the pound, and designer. I love using what is NOT going to a landfill. 

The corn/maiz is made with salvaged upholstery fabric. It measures 8 1/2 Width x 6 Length inches. I use a variegated colorful thread to do the outline applique.

She can put treasures she finds along the way into a corn pocket. Or she can save extra bake goodies for later.

All the dress fabrics have been washed before.You can machine wash and gentle cycle to dry.

Have fun and enjoy this veggie-dress as much as I like sewing it.