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Sophia Kinhnarath

Whipped Body Butter

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Whipped body butter moisturizes and hydrates dull dry skin. This body butter is blended with rich natural ingredients to bring the best combination to give your skin a refreshing radiant glow. Seals in moisture while reconditioning and softening the skin. Best to use all over your body. Don’t forget to add extra to your elbow and knees. Use this product daily to rejuvenate your skin. 

Calming Blessing- Lavender. 

This whipped body butter is best to use at night to help you wind down from your day. It reduces anxiety and promotes better sleep. Good for all ages

Earth’s Remedy- Eucalyptus. 

This whipped body butter helps you heal from within. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components will allow your body to prevent inflammation and bacteria while helping to heal. Used daily for maximum effects at any time of the day. Breathe in the refreshing scent.

First aid- Tea tree

This whipped body butter is combined with carrier oils to help get rid of dry, flaky skin. It helps heal wounds, bruises, cuts, skin conditions (eczema, rosacea, psoriasis) Good for all ages.