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Wide-Eyed Wisdom

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My book will fill in the blanks that today€™s parents just don€™t have the time for or haven€™t quite figured out yet themselves. There are so many life lessons about values, life planning, personal finances, career choices and beyond, that when understood and thoughtfully acted upon at an early age, will greatly and favorably impact life trajectory and personal satisfaction. 

My book, Wide-Eyed Wisdom does just that €“ it€™s a one-stop resource for a solid foundation of wisdom on topics ranging from developing a life plan, understanding personal vision and values, choosing a career path, managing personal finances, learning that it can be good to fail and learn, and much more.

Key Themes in Wide-Eyed Wisdom

·      The entire narrative is driven by this message:

o   You are responsible for yourself, your life, your future

·      The earlier that a person can learn and make thoughtful choices about their circumstances (regardless of the situation €“ family, career, finances), the more available benefit.

·      Each person with the ability to pick up the book is capable €“ capable of learning, understanding and continuously developing.

·       Knowledge and understanding coupled with conscious disciplined decision making, will enable a person to be much more certain of achieving what they really want in life, versus passively and reactively moving from one obstacle, challenge, or opportunity to the next.

My suggestion is that groups of people form book groups.  They can set a regular review date, rotate session leadership, and share information as they read.  This is a great opportunity for parent, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles or friends to speak to one another on an adult level.